No skin color, no flags of division, no religions.
Human , planet earth, free thinkers.

That's the foundation of the band, as much as we can, we will try to show and live by those rules in our music and messages. That's why all the songs are so different from one another and  the reason for the white and black concept too.



Origin:  Amos, Qc, Canada


Genres:  Pop-Rock, Alernative


Years Active:  2016- Present



Short Bio

The first version of the band was in 2003 with another name, in 2005 the band broke up. Until 2016 when Zero Gravi-T was born with two of the remaining members from the early 2000s band. The band chooses to write their songs in english simply because it's the way the songs were created, and they often say that their music as one language, the one from the heart and soul regardless of the tools used to communicate.


Johnn: Bass
Heath: Drum
Mojo: Lead guitar, back vocals, lyrics, music creation
PaSs: Lead vocal, rythm guitare, harmonica, lyrics.





Producer: Anthony Sigouin