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2018 Will be a great year for Zero Gravi-T

Just finished the 4th song, getting on stage this summer, hard work will pay off.

Like every true goal, the Zero Gravi-T music and idea had his stuggles in recent years trying to put together the perfect pieces for the idea, the perfect persons for the band.

“If you're dream don't scares you, they aren't big enough .”

In 2016 and 2017 we worked hard to give life to our songs and most importantly to get the right persons to jump on the train to the next station. We wanted every member ot the band to believe in the band, in the dream. The dream that we can change the world, maybe just a little bit with our music, our heart and soul. This path was tough because it's hard to complete a puzzle when you don't know where the missing part fall off the box. But now that we found all the pieces, we are looking straight ahead and with more emotion than ever.

We will get back in the studio in a few weeks for the recording of our 5th song and hitting the stage in early summer. Trying our best to make people feel better by sharing our lives with each others.

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